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Custom Celebrity Caricatures

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Is it an actor? A musician? A comedian? An athlete? An artist? An (ugh) politician? Whomever it is, I can draw a caricature of your favorite celeb. Check out my recent work by clicking here, or click one of the packages to discuss your project.



  • B&W Inks

  • Colors

  • Background

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The Works


  • B&W Inks

  • Full colors

  • Background

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Custom Personal Caricatures

Of course, I draw personal caricatures, too. They make great gifts for friends and family. You can also use a caricature of yourself to promote your business! Click here to discuss your project.

  • Realtors
  • Three Generations
  • Dave Wilbur
  • Ted with couple
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Ed and Pinhead

Buy My Pop Art!

You have lots of options to buy my artwork. I currently sell my work on tee shirts, laptop cases, phone cases, prints, canvas, mugs, duvets, shower curtains, baseball tees, hoodies, stickers, tote bags, and much, much more. Visit my shop by clicking here for a brief overview of what I have in stock. Click the individual shop images to be taken to that third party vendor.

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