BinaryGod website October 2013 update

September 2013 has been a little bit slower than the rest of the summer, but it has still been a good month for binarygod. We set a new record for site visits (just over 14,000), and Amazon clicks remained strong, yet again.  (I guess I passed some kind of monthly visits threshold as my spam comments have skyrocketed! I’m happy for the clicks, but the spam is an irritant for sure.) My artwork sales also dipped a bit, but I think that’s due to my slowdown of creating new stuff. (I’ve been busy with some work for clients, thankfully.) As always, thanks to everyone who has visited the site and especially to those of you who made an artwork purchase.

Threadless contests

Self Aware I’ve got one new design up for voting on It’s for the “Next Big Thing” contest, and it’s a “how to” shirt design… It’s very self aware and tongue-in-cheek so if you like extremely dry and meta-humor, please visit. Please give it a “5” if you like it, and please send your friends over! Be sure to comment as well, and don’t forget to sign up to win a prize if my design is chosen. The winning design will be unveiled on Black Friday for maximum exposure. Click the threadless icon to be taken to my entry.

Top blog post and top seller for August 2013

Taco My top seller for September 2013 was Taco T. Man. He’s a chihuahua living in South Florida, and his likeness looks great on a tee shirt! Thanks to everyone who bought a print or a shirt, and if you’d like me to draw a portrait of your canine friend, head over to today and learn how you can get a free portrait.

I’ve got a book coming out!

I designed a book cover for a book called Without Borders: Journeying with Jesus into the Margins. It was written by one of my best friends, Rob Schellert. He is the pastor of a Christian group in London, UK who helps the community by reaching out to the societal rejects such as prostitutes, squatters, the homeless, the freaks, and other such outcasts. Even if you’re not of the Christian persuasion, you can probably agree that helping society’s outcasts is good for us all on a humanitarian level. I have not read the book yet, but I ordered my copy. You can pre-order a copy of the book by clicking here. The orders are shipping this month, so get yours today! Click the image below to buy a print of the book cover. Without Borders Thanks again for your support and patronage. Hopefully, I’ll be a little more productive artistically this month so make sure to come back soon! Drop me a line if you’d like to make requests on what I should write about, to request a rate quote for a job, or just to say hello. -Steve

Please Support this Site

Thank you for your time and attention, and thanks for reading! If you’d like to help keep this blog going, please support it! You can help in a couple ways:

First, buy something from my shop! I’ve got mugs, tapestries, canvas, tee shirts, phone cases, pillows, blankets, and much more.

The second way is to hire me directly! I’m a professional caricaturist/illustrator. I’m currently offering pet illustrations, personalized caricatures of you or a loved one, and celebrity caricatures. Click the links for details and pricing, or you can place an order using the form below.

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