BinaryGod website February 2016 update

BinaryGod is up and running in 2016. January wasn’t as crazy as December, but I still have lots to share with you.

Now Accepting Custom Orders!

Do you need for a caricature or illustration? You’ve come to the right place. Caricatures make great gifts, and they leave a good impression with your clients if you use one in your business advertising. I also do book and music liner illustrations/cartoons. You can order a custom caricature of a family member, a pet, or a favorite celebrity here. I’ll illustrate whatever you’d like, so please contact me if you have a special request.

New Artwork for Sale

My Anagram series was approved, and is now up for viewing. Many thanks to the guys at for the business! You can see the full project by clicking here. There are twenty caricatures in the set, total, but I’m just posting the two most popular ones here (at the time of this post). To see what else is available, please visit my shop at Society6.

Nomad Matt (Matt Damon) Big Melons (Mel Gibson)

This artwork (and more) is available on tees, prints, tote bags, blankets, tapestries, pillows, and much more!

Top sellers for January 2016

I expected a decrease in sales after the overwhelming holiday season, but luckily they didn’t really wane that much. Thanks to everyone who supported me last month by buying artwork; every little bit helps. My Plucky Droid laptop case was relegated to the number two spot in January, but it still made a strong showing. Number one was my Bulldog Pup sticker. I sold about 50 of the damn things this month, so thanks! If you have a pet you’d like me to draw, please check out my sister site, Prices start at only $15!

Bulldog Pup sticker Plucky Droid MacBook case

Click the images to see your purchase options. My art is available as a print, a tapestry, or printed on tee shirts, mugs, pillows, rugs, iPhone cases, and much, much more. Every social media like and share is appreciated, too! I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Top blog post for January 2016

Star Wars So here’s a tip for bloggers: Write about Star Wars and your traffic will increase. Mine did tenfold. By far, my top blog post was my review of the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. What did I think of the movie? Well, click here or on the image of BB-8 to read my review including pros and cons. Far, far in second place, with 1/15th the traffic, was my write up of why I don’t support Bernie Sanders. Perhaps the problems facing the US are philosophical, not political. Eh, who cares. STAR WARS!!!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the person you love, or if you’re single, laugh at all the couples roped into celebrating a Hallmark holiday. As always, stay tuned to this site for art updates, sales, and more.

Got a suggestion?

Please drop me a line if you’d like to get in touch with me for any reason. I’m always taking illustration orders, so let’s chat!


Please Support this Site

Thank you for your time and attention, and thanks for reading! If you’d like to help keep this blog going, please support it! You can help in a couple ways:

First, buy something from my shop! I’ve got mugs, tapestries, canvas, tee shirts, phone cases, pillows, blankets, and much more.

The second way is to hire me directly! I’m a professional caricaturist/illustrator. I’m currently offering pet illustrations, personalized caricatures of you or a loved one, and celebrity caricatures. Click the links for details and pricing, or you can place an order using the form below.

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