BinaryGod website January 2017 update

Happy New Year! I’m sure a lot of you are happy to see 2016 go. Hopefully 2017 will bring you some joy. 2016 was BinaryGod’s best year to date, and 2017 is already shaping up to be even bigger. Stay tuned to this site for art, project, and sale updates. For now, your January 2017 report.

New Artwork

December was basically devoted to client work for Christmas/Hanukkah gifts. I’ve been posting them on my social media platforms, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram to catch all the new illustrations. (I’m also on ArtStation and deviantART, if you’re into that.)

Wanna Get a Celeb Caricature Per Day?

I’m going to have LOTS of new artwork in 2017 if all goes to plan. I’ve started a Patreon subscription page, which you can visit here. Patreon is like a crowdfunding site, but instead of funding a specific project, you’re funding an artist/musician/filmmaker. I’m going to try to post one celebrity caricature a day in 2017. (That’s the plan, anyway, if this works. I’ve posted an example below.) For as little as $1 per month, you can help fund this site, and you get exclusive rewards in return! The more you pledge, the more goodies you get. Please consider becoming my patron. Details and an outline of the rewards are on the page. You can read about the launch here. Every dollar is a big help, so thank you in advance! The campaign starts today (with Mini Me himself – Verne Troyer), so get on board early to collect your rewards!

The Master

Top sellers for December 2016

My sales this holiday were amazing, so a HUGE “thank you” needs to go out to each and every person who bought something from my store this holiday season. My caricature of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday from the excellent movie Tombstone was my top seller, by far. It came out of nowhere to take the top spot, but I couldn’t be more thrilled at the response! I mainly sold this one on tee shirts. The other top seller was my rendition of the rug from Kubrick’s horror masterpiece, The Shining. This design took second place due to the fact that it was sold on higher ticket items, like rugs (fitting), duvet covers, and clocks. As always, click the images to be taken to my online shops. I’ve got two sales ending today; click here for details.

huckleberry Shining Pillow

Most of my art is available on canvas, iPhones, tees, blankets, towels, and much more. Every social media like and share is appreciated, too! I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Please follow me for new artwork posted weekly.

Top blog post for December 2016

Han Chewie
As I figured, my top post on for December was my review of a Star Wars movie. But it wasn’t the one I figured. My review of The Force Awakens took top spot, though I also wrote a review of Rogue One. My Force Awakens review is here, and you can check out (and upvote) my Rogue One review here.

I’m on Steemit

Steemit is a social media site that pays you cryptocurrency (called Steem) for popular posts. Think Facebook, but instead of making Mark Zuckerberg rich, you’re helping yourself and the online community. Click here to check it out; please follow me and help upvote my posts!

Custom caricatures

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve opened my commissions once again. I’ll draw your loved ones, your pets, your favorite celebs, or you! Use the contact form below (or click here) to discuss your project.

Thanks so much for your support in 2016. Last year was amazing. I’ve got a few larger scale projects that will debut this year, so stay tuned! Please use the contact form below if you have any suggestions, comments, or inquiries.

Please Support this Site

Thank you for your time and attention, and thanks for reading! If you’d like to help keep this blog going, please support it! You can help in a couple ways:

First, buy something from my shop! I’ve got mugs, tapestries, canvas, tee shirts, phone cases, pillows, blankets, and much more.

The second way is to hire me directly! I’m a professional caricaturist/illustrator. I’m currently offering pet illustrations, personalized caricatures of you or a loved one, and celebrity caricatures. Click the links for details and pricing, or you can place an order using the form below.

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