BinaryGod website October 2016 update

It’s Fall! The leaves are turning, the horror movies are coming, and the weather is cooling. Or, if you live in Southern California like I do, it’s been 100 degrees and feels like Summer has gotten a second wind. This is your October 2016 update.

BinaryGod Interview

This week, I was interviewed by a MediaZIN, a creative company based in Singapore/Estonia. (I’m international, baby!) You can read it here. I talk about style and my work process, mostly. There are also a few samples of recent artwork featured.

New Artwork

I promised ten more Johnny Depp caricatures, and I’ve delivered! The series is done for a total of thirty caricatures. You can purchase them separately, or all together on one print. (Click the image below.) I’m overwhelmed at the response; many thanks to all who have supported this project by sharing it on social media and buying merchandise!

The other new piece I’ve featured in this section is my caricatures of the main cast of the hilarious It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s about five narcissistic idiots who own a bar in Philadelphia, and their misadventures. It’s dark humor, and definitely one of my favorite comedies. The original piece was a mash-up with the Game of Thrones Hall of Faces, but I liked how it came out and decided to create a solo Always Sunny piece to sell in my shops.

As always, my artwork is available for sale on blankets, shower curtains, prints, dresses, laptop cases, stickers, tees, phone cases, canvas, tote bags, prints, and much more. Click the images below to be taken to that item in my store.

Johnny Depp Always Sunny

RedBubble Sale

My RedBubble store is 15% off on October 3rd only! Click here to visit my store. I’ve got stickers, tees, dresses, pillows, phone cases, canvas, greeting cards, and much, much more.

(Almost) Always accepting Custom Orders!

If you like my work, you can hire me! Illustrations and caricatures make great gifts (I’m already getting very busy for the holiday season; hire me soon or you’ll miss out! I’m cutting off Christmas orders when I get too overwhelmed.) My recent work is on, I’m no longer updating it here. You can order a custom caricature of a family member, a pet, or a favorite celebrity by clicking the appropriate tab in the main menu. Or you can just click here.

NEW! I’ve just started offering animated caricatures of pets, animals, and a handful of celebrities. Click here for details and pricing. (Pets are live, celebs are coming soon.)

Top sellers for September 2016

My top sellers for September are repeats from past months. I’m glad people still like them! Bulldog Pup was sold on tees and stickers, mostly. I sold a few Jerry Garcia posters and phone cases, as well. Click the images to be taken to my online shops.

Bulldog pup Jerry Garcia

Most of my art is available on canvas, iPhones, tees, blankets, towels, and much more. Every social media like and share is appreciated, too! I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Please follow me for new artwork posted weekly.

Top blog post for September 2016

Arguing Politics

This is getting dull. My top post for September was once again my article entited, “Top Five Reasons I Don’t Argue Politics on Facebook (Anymore).” You can read it here, or by clicking the image.

Andrew Bird

My Andrew Bird concert review came in at a respectable second place. You can read that one by clicking here. I get to complain about hipsters. I’ve been to quite a few concerts lately. Check out the reviews for At the Drive-In and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

I’m on Steemit

If you click the links in the section above, you’ll notice they won’t take you to my Digital Tyrants blog, but to Steemit. Steemit is a social media site that pays you cryptocurrency for popular posts. Think Facebook, but instead of making Mark Zuckerberg rich, you’re helping yourself and the online community. Click here to check it out; please follow me and help upvote my posts! I’ve already made about $260 for my posts.

As always, thanks for your support. How can you support me? Like or share my posts, follow me on social media, buy some art, and/or hire me! Please use the contact form below if you have any suggestions, comments, or inquiries. I’ll illustrate basically anything, but my specialty is human and pet caricatures.

Please Support this Site

Thank you for your time and attention, and thanks for reading! If you’d like to help keep this blog going, please support it! You can help in a couple ways:

First, buy something from my shop! I’ve got mugs, tapestries, canvas, tee shirts, phone cases, pillows, blankets, and much more.

The second way is to hire me directly! I’m a professional caricaturist/illustrator. I’m currently offering pet illustrations, personalized caricatures of you or a loved one, and celebrity caricatures. Click the links for details and pricing, or you can place an order using the form below.

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