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Welcome to BinaryGod’s home on the web, and thanks for stopping by! Click here for the fine art, design, and fan art of Steve Rampton. On this site, you’ll also find a weblog of his sketches, music reviews, and thoughts about history and society by clicking on Blog & Sketchbook. If your internet connection is a little slow, you may want to check out some of Steve’s favorite work by clicking on the images above or below. (The main portfolio page is an interactive javascript grid that may not load quickly on slower web connections.)

St. Patrick Multnomah Falls McBain Cold Factory

The “Doodle My Dog” banner below will take you to a separate website where Steve will draw your four-legged best friend and put it on an iPhone case or t-shirt. Please enjoy your stay, and contact me if you find any broken links or if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this site. Thanks again! Doodle My Dog

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  • Wanna see my portfolio of artwork and graphic design? Click here to view my work, or click the Doodle My Dog banner to view my other site.
  • Wanna read my innermost thoughts, check out some cool music, and see some sketches? Click here for my blog.
  • Wanna get some free stuff? Click here for my “Store and Freebies.” I’ve got textures and desktop wallpaper available for download.
  • Wanna hire me to create artwork for your small business, non-profit, band, or friend? Contact me.

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